EMP Lightning

36 Nutrients

35 Medical Journal Publications

Proprietary Manufacturing Process

23+ Years of Success

Hundreds of Thousands Helped

The Most Nutritional Supplement in the World

No other nutritional supplement in the world can match the ingredients, research, and results found in EMP Lightning. This powerful formula has been used for over 23 years to help people feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally. Recently, new manufacturing technology has made this formula even more effective!  Now add to that the independent research and personal stories of those whose lives have been improved by this formula. That sounds pretty important to us.

A family of products designed to work with each other and with YOU.

Our proprietary technology and manufacturing process allows us to create products unlike anything else out there. Each is designed to work in synergy with the others to create the only true family of foundational supplements.

Why do we need to our nutrition?

Our bodies depend on our diets to get the nutrition they need to function at an optimal rate. Unfortunately, it is harder and harder to get these nutrients with our diets alone. Factors such as processed foods, depleted soils, and rising levels of stress require us to supplement our diets in order to give our bodies the tools they need to get the job done. EMP Lightning is the answer! With 36 different vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, it has everything needed to support healthy physical and emotional well-being.